“Dr. Ho is a true humanitarian. He doesn’t just treat patients, he tries to make
people’s lives better.”

– Paul J.

“I just love Dr. Abdelmalik and the staff there. I am so comfortable with him that I wish he could be my ‘everything’ doctor and not just my cardiologist. It’s very hard to find a doctor who makes you feel cared for and safe and that is something very important to me because you literally put your life in their hands.”
– Vicki M.

“I owe my life to Dr. Abdelmalik for catching a potentially deadly situation before I had a heart attack.”
– Michael E.

“Go to Dr. Ho. Accept no substitutes. He’s the very best, trust him, do what exactly he says. I totally rely on his treatment. Several of our friends now go to Dr. Ho and are as pleased as I am.”
– Bob D.

“Dr. Robin Abdelmalik saved my life!!!!!!”
– Jon E.

“He [Dr. Abdelmalik] knows what he’s doing. He’s caring. He has sympathy. I fought for him to be my MD and there is no other MD I would go to.”
– Barbara G.

“He [Dr. Ho] helped me realize that I need to make sure I take care of me first and make the time to take care of myself. He did not make me feel stupid or insecure about the reasons that I was in the poor health situation I was in. Actually, he gave me hope that I would get better, which I really was not so sure of before I saw him.”
– Reina B.